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Hiking/Outdoor Ministry (Younite)

Boulder Cave Hike - July 28! 
Hike to Boulder Cave July 28, leave from the church at 2pm bring a sack lunch to eat on the way if you are meeting up at the church at 2pm. National Forest Pass is required. You can buy a day pass for $4.99 at REI in Kennewick. Flash lights and/or headlamps are A MUST. The cave is dark. We will be hiking through a cave made out of basalt rock, and we will be going to see a waterfall that you can walk behind it. This is one of the hidden gems of Washington State.

CLICK HERE for directions to the hike.


We have an active Hiking/Outdoor Ministry, that sponsors regular Sabbath afternoon hikes, Spring through Fall, and all ages are welcome to come join in the fun! Check out the galleries below of past hikes our church family enjoyed!  Younite/Outdoor Ministry also sponsors events that provide opportunities for our church family to connect and socialize with each other in a more personal way, and are actively involved in assisting members in need. Watch for details on upcoming football parties, game nights, trips to nearby cities, jam nights, barbecues, and much more! If you'd like to get involved, let us know!

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Chris Fargo

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